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Becoming an entrepreneur and setting up one's own business is a decisive career move. As a true and attentive partner, sodi platforms are there to provide continuous support for the company, from the very beginning. Thereafter, they endeavour to help the company through each stage of its development.

Setting up the company

Defining the company's activities

  • Making a business and financial plan.
  • Choosing an appropriate legal form.
  • Evaluating operational needs
    (budgets, services, assistance, planning).
  • Choosing banking and financial partners.

Finalizing the formation of the company

  • Incorporation of the company and legal compliance
    (membership to SRO, insurances, VAT, auditors,
    employment contracts, etc.).
  • Setting up an accounting procedure, money management,
    money transfers, tax aspects, etc.
  • Managing human resources and social security contributions.
  • Drawing up working documents
    (agreements, contracts, etc.).
  • Assistance in setting up working procedures and applications
  • Management, maintenance and back-up of computer data.

Establishing operational relations and dynamics

  • Negotiating collaboration agreements with banking and
    financial partners.
  • Physical installation of offices and setting up the logistics.
  • Helping with the company's day-to-day administrative tasks.
  • Follow-up in the development of operational needs.
  • Help and advice for the company's expansion.
  • Exchange of information and interaction between the members.

Helping the company to expand

Once installed, sodi platforms will ensure that their new members benefit from all the agreements already in place. They will also negotiate new ones, as need dictates.