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Sodi platforms' team and its members share the same values which ensure continuity and cohesion in the running of their companies.

Believing sincerely in transparent and ethical business management, sodi platforms' partners are working towards the recognition of their enterprise as a reference in the field.

A code of conduct thus formalizes within sodi platforms the values shared by all, so that all members and employees can refer to it, in any situation.

The platforms want to be recognized for their ethics and transparency

  • The platforms are financed exclusively through the
    contracts entered into with their members.
  • The management pledges transparency by discussing clearly
    and precisely with its members the costs and income of the
    platforms and by taking decisions jointly with them.
  • The management endeavours to improve its member companies' profitability through economies of scale.
  • The asset managers who join sodi platforms agree to respect
    the codes of conduct regarding asset management
    and anti-money laundering laws.

Sodi platforms respect the independence of their members

  • Sodi platform see themselves as a partner.
  • The principle of the platforms is non-interference in their members' business dealings. Nevertheless, in order to represent them,
    at least one partner of the sodi platforms' management is
    usually on the board of each company.
  • Each member is completely free to choose his custodian bank, management tools and how he defines his management agreements.

Sodi platforms guarantee their members the strictest confidentiality

  • Information regarding each company is processed and filed
    in a totally compartmentalized way.
  • Sodi platforms' staff are bound by professional secrecy and the duty to preserve secrecy. They are specifically trained to work with the greatest confidentiality.

Sodi platforms offer their members many advantages

  • Sodi platforms are a forum for exchanges and reflection and
    act as a catalyst for their members.
  • The platforms use the strength of a group as leverage when negotiating with banking and financial partners.
  • The management is in touch with its members and follows developments within their profession, thus improving their
    ability to adapt to any changes in this field.
  • The management makes a point of rapidly attending to the needs
    of its members and offering them new and effective solutions
    in keeping with their expectations.

The platforms are a federation with a strong team spirit

  • The members belong to a group and work together for its expansion.
  • The members have confidence in the sodi platforms' management whose sole objective is to help them succeed.