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A demand for quality is at the root of sodi platforms' work philosophy, infused by its two partners. It lies at the heart of their trade and is reinforced by a certain number of values that are prevalent in all their work.


Each member is different and has his own individual expectations. Consequently, sodi platforms like to see themselves as an attentive partner, interested in offering a personalized and customized service. They put themselves in the position of a partner and expect to develop privileged relationships with each of their members, based on trust.


Sodi platforms are committed to the development of a proactive business strategy with the ability to react rapidly to their members' needs. In order to remain in the forefront, sodi platforms are continually exploring new avenues. They are dedicated to finding new and effective solutions best suited to meeting their members' expectations and the changing requirements of their profession's regulations.


The partners of sodi platforms attach a lot of importance to human relations and respect. Indeed, for them it is a token of success if their members are satisfied and loyal. This is why they make themselves available to help and advise them in the development of their businesses. They also strive to ensure a positive working environment and friendly atmosphere in which everyone will have pleasure in working.


Like the members of sodi platforms, the two partners are entrepreneurs. This is why, in their everyday activities, they cultivate a strong entrepreneurial spirit and present a management style that combines innovation with measured risk-taking.